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Air Cooled Tudor Pots in New Mexico, aka "The Tudors in Permanent Residence"

installed Tudor Pots    installed tudor pot

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June, 2012

Here at Volko Supply we handle calls from all over the country for all sorts of products. 

These calls come to us from homeowners, contractors, architects and engineers.  This summer we received a call from a homeowner in New Mexico who wanted to install decorative copper chimney pots on her home.  This customer is very intelligent.....literally a nuclear scientist....but she had some questions about her metal chimney system, chimney pot product specs, manufacturing process, as well as installation.  Most importantly she wanted security in knowing who she was trusting to provide this service and product.

Rone took this call, and handled it from start to finish.  He share knowledge and technical specifications for air cooled chimney pipe, the details on louvered bases, internal plates, storm collars, an extension sleeve, base plate transition to secure the pipe within the chimney chase, and custom heights and widths to fit the home structure.  Rone also worked with the home owner on her design input, answered the contractors questions, and worked the delivery around the customer's dental appointment.

After delivery of the product and final installation, we received the following letter:

Ron -- They finished up the stucco around the chimney pots this morning.  My husband and I are both  extremely happy with how the pots turned out.  I have attached a couple of photos of what I have taken to terming "The Tudors in Permanent Residence".

I've never dealt with chimney pots before, and it would have been difficult -- potentially disastrous -- without your kind and expert advice for which I am grateful.  I hope your boss/bosses appreciate you.  I have had several people ask me where I got the chimney pots, and I did not hesitate to tell them and then add an enthusiastic endorsement.

My husband and I wish you and your company continued success.

The funny thing about this was watching Rone go to the mirror and tell himself "good job again, Rone!" while laughing a bit.

Business owners do that every now and again.

If you have any questions, any concerns, or just want to know more about the folks you are buying from, give us a call.  We have over 125 years of combined product knowledge amongst the main four sales people here, and have all handled and/or installed the products we sell. 

Experience the difference working with family makes.  Just as their grandfathers and fathers did, homeowners and contractors know they can trust Volko Supply to do our best and always be fair.


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