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Burnished Copper chimney Pot
Click for a bigger view

The Tudor
Copper Chimney Pot

Add the timeless look of Vintage Copper

Copper chimney pots weigh a fraction that of clay, making installation very easy. All seams are soldered and your chimney cap will not warp or crack. Copper chimney caps withstand high winds, earthquakes, and increase draft.

Tudor Stock Sizes

Base Height Weight
16" x 16" 36" 24 lb
16" x 16" 43" 25 lb
16" x 20" 36" 24 lb
16" x 20" 43" 26 lb
20" x 20" 36" 25 lb
20" x 20" 43" 30 lb
25" x 25" 54" 37 lb

Tudor Chimney Pot Schecmatic

Shipped Fully Assembled.
Custom sizes available.

Tudor Chimney Pot Schematic Drawing


Air Cooled Chimney Pot Gas FireplacePatina Copper chimney Pot

strong copper chimney pot

This is a 20 oz copper tudor chimney pot, part of a 8 pot order for a house down on the New Jersey Shore

Call, fax or e-mail your chimney measurements and flue pipe specifications for a custom quote. Let us know if it's wood burning, oil, or gas.

copper chimney pots tudor pot nashville

Nashville custom home copper chimney pots

These are 6 Tudor Copper Chimney Pots on a Custom Home in Nashville, TN.

Note the staggered heights for look, and the louvers for function on air cooled pipe.

The view from the ground up of the 25x25x54 and 25x25x46 Copper Tudor Chimney Pots


copper chimney pots pool house

The 25x25x54 and 25x25x46 pots do not overpower this one and a half story poolhouse because of the strong features on the building.



installed Tudor Pots    installed tudor pot

Click the above pictures for detailed installation pictures and a customer testimonial!

tudor copper chimney pots, chimney pot for fireplace

These are two Tudor Copper Chimney Pots ready to receive their final finish and be packed for shipping.

Note the detail of the punch screening, the soldered joints, and the solid bases.  These were fabricated for a wood burning application, which is why they are not louvered.

We can customize our chimney pots for many different applications.  Call us with your questions and needs and we will generate shop drawings for you.


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stainless steel chimney pots

While we traditionally have worked in copper, other materials are available as well.  We can fabricate our Tudor style Chimney pot in Copper, Lead Coated Copper, Freedom Gray, Stainless Steel, Paint Grip Steel, Galvanized Steel, and Aluminum.


copper chimney pot finishes

how to measure for a chimney cap


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